Which infant hooded towel company doing OBM?
In comparison with all the firms who can supply ODM and OEM service, there are in fact few firms that are capable of supplying OBM support. Original Brand Manufacturer means a infant hooded towel firm that sells their very own branded products under its own brand name. The OBM manufacturer will be accountable for everything such as the manufacturing and development, price, delivery and promotion. OBM service achievement demands a complete set of sales network in the international and associated channels institution which costs considerably. Together with the accelerated development of Foshan Nanhai Ruifu Qifeng Towel Industrial Co.,Ltd, it is trying to do our best to provide OBM service for customers at home and abroad.

Ruifu Qifeng Towel is the main provider of big beach towels. We have gained years of experience in design and production. According to the material, Ruifu Qifeng Towel's products are divided into several categories, and quick dry towels is one of them. It features great wear-resistance. It has an abrasion-resistant coating that will provide a thin layer of lubrication to protect metal parts from making physical contact with each other. One-stop OEM/ODM service is allocated for the towel with regards to the size or design. Ruifu Qifeng Towel spares no effort to help solve customers' problem. The towel stands out with its competitive price compared with other similar product.

We have implemented a sustainability process in our factory. We have decreased energy consumption by investing in new technologies and more efficient facilities.
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