What should I do if the towels do not absorb water?

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-21
What causes towels and bath towels to not absorb water? Many customers ask why some cotton hotel towels do not absorb water after they are put into the water? And some cotton towels and towels drip a drop of water, the water immediately seeps into the terry? Because in the process of processing cotton hotel towels, an auxiliary agent is used: softener. Softeners are a class of chemicals that can change the static and dynamic friction coefficients of fibers. When the static friction coefficient is changed, the touch feels smooth, and it is easy to move on the fiber or fabric; when the dynamic friction coefficient is changed, the fine structure between the fibers is easy to move with each other, that is, the fiber or fabric is easily deformed. The combined feeling of the two is softness. ? The characteristics of general household towels are as follows: the density is thin and the square gram is thin, so the gap between the terry and the terry is large, and the general water absorption will be very good, and the hotel towel is designed to make the service life longer. The characteristics are as follows: square gram weight, density, and the gap between the loops is relatively small, so in order to increase its comfort, a softener must be added, and the main component of the softener is silicone oil, which is normally used twice after clear water After that, the water absorption of the cotton towel itself will be restored, but if you feel that there is still a distance from the water absorption you require, there are three methods that are easier to operate, just for reference: 1. Add 1-2 g of caustic soda per kilogram of soft water from 80 degrees to 100 degrees, and wash once every half an hour. Each wash is expected to remove 30% -50% of softener. Washing the product more than 2 times will gradually decrease. It is expected that the water absorption will reach within 10 seconds after three washings. 2. Cook with high-temperature water of 80-100 degrees for half an hour. 3. High temperature at 100 degrees for half an hour. The principle of the above method is very simple. It uses high temperature to dissolve the softener. Hotel towels are also hand-woven woven products. The yarn count is relatively delicate. ? 1. Please choose detergent with mild performance. Avoid pouring detergent directly onto the towel product, otherwise the towel will become discolored if leftover from detergent residue. Use chlorine bleach as little as possible. 2. Oil, which affects the water absorption of towels, is recommended to avoid use. 3. The cleaned cotton towels are tumbled and dried 80% in the dryer, so that the cotton towels are more fluffy and soft, but it should not be too long.
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