What are the weaving processes for hotel towels

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-21
Every hotel and every family needs towels. There should be many types of towels you have seen. Do you know what kinds of towels are there? The following hotel supplies bath towels come to classify for everyone. ? There are more and more different types of towels on the market, and our hotel supplies and bath towels are only in these categories. The following editors will give you some categories of hotel towels under the popular science. ? 1. Jacquard towel You can find some terry on the towels, and some are cloth files, which are lower than the terry. After the craftsmanship, these irregularities can show various patterns and patterns. The process of this towel is relatively more complicated, and the price is slightly higher than ordinary towels. Second, broken towel In addition to the terry, there will be a large or small cloth stall in the middle of the towel. These towels are broken towels; its process can be varied; it can weave various patterns and patterns to meet the hotel's personalized customization. Hotel towels 3. Embroidered towel Various patterns can be embroidered on the produced finished towels to improve the ornamental value of the towels and have a certain added value. For example, embroidering a certain hotel indicates that this towel was customized by a certain hotel. You can know which towel is at a glance, and it also plays a certain role in publicity. 4. Active printing towels A printing dye directly printed on towels. Most of the currently used is a new type of environmentally friendly dyes, non-toxic dyes, has gradually replaced ordinary paint printing. Paint printing is easy to distinguish. The pattern color of the active printing is shiny, and the paint printing is not shiny, and the terry or suede of the paint printing will be stained together, and there is no fluffy feeling. Paints are mostly used to print fonts, lines and reduce printing costs. The hotel generally does not use reactive printed towels, but usually in sports towels, gift towels and other places. ? Although there are many types of hotel towels and towels, it is most important to choose the right towel for the occasion. If you need it, please find the towel housekeeper Mengfeisi towel manufacturer around you.
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