What are the processes and differences of small

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-15
There are many kinds of weaving processes for small towels in the hotel, including plain weave, jacquard, satin file, satin file jacquard, cut velvet, etc. It is difficult to distinguish when purchasing towels in hotel procurement, today we will talk about plain weave , The difference between jacquard and forging technology. Hotel flat woven towel bath towel Literally, plain weave means that the surface of the towel does not have any patterns or logos. The advantages of plain weave towels are fast shipment, short production cycle, and relatively cheap prices. They are all made as currency. Jacquard towel Jacquard towel refers to the process of weaving the towel by computer digital programming and weaving the desired pattern, text or logo on the towel. The jacquard part has a concave and convex feeling, which is more grade. This jacquard is more practical for higher-end hotels, saunas, clubs, etc. There is another jacquard process called 'dyed jacquard', that is, the logo or pattern on the towel can be distinguished by different colors, and the colors are clear and vivid. The jacquard part has no unevenness, but the color of the front and back of the towel is exactly the opposite. This process generally requires a large number and is more suitable for high-end gifts. Satin towel towel Satin towels are woven with a piece of satin-ribbed horizontal stripes at the ends of the towel close to the plain cloth part, or a wide satin edge is woven at one end. We generally call it 'platinum satin'. The flower part may be formed by a warp-float long line or a weft-float long line. You can embroider clearer patterns and logos on the cross section. This process is more suitable for star hotels or high-end gifts.
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