What are the characteristics of hotel bath towel

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-17
For hotel towel suppliers, they are familiar with the characteristics of hotel supplies. The following is a correct understanding of the characteristics of hotel towels with the editor, which can more accurately identify the quality of the towels and correctly master the washing skills. 1. It is highly absorbent: The water absorption of hotel towels has a great relationship with our use of pure cotton materials. The orange petal technology divides the filament into eight petals, which increases the surface area of ??the fiber and increases the pores in the fabric. The capillary wicking effect enhances the water absorption effect. It absorbs water quickly and dries quickly as its distinguishing characteristics. 2. Strong detergency: Hotel towels have strong detergency, because the fineness of the fiber is 1/10 of silk and 1/200 of hair. Its special cross-section can more effectively capture dust particles as small as a few microns. obvious. 3. Hair removal is not easy: The hotel bath towels are not easy to depilate. This feature has a lot to do with the raw materials used. We use imported cotton yarn for weaving. High-strength synthetic filaments are not easy to break. At the same time, the fine weaving method is adopted. Shedding off the surface of the towel. 4. Long life: The long lifespan of hotel towels is due to the high strength and toughness of the cotton fiber used in the raw materials, so its service life is more than four times that of ordinary towels, and it will not deform after repeated washing. 5. Not easy to fade: The characteristics of hotel bath towels that are not easy to fade have an inseparable relationship with the weaving and bleaching and dyeing of our towel manufacturers. The dyeing process uses dyes for pure cotton fiber materials. Its retardation, migration, high temperature dispersion, and decolorization indicators have all reached Strict standards for export to international markets.
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