What are the causes of hotel damage caused by

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-14
There are several reasons why the hotel towels are damaged: 1. Damage caused by washing 1. The feeding time is not correct during washing. Do not feed when the amount of water in the machine is insufficient. Pay particular attention to bleaching chemicals. This will easily concentrate the detergent on the towel and damage the towel. 2. Improper use of bleach. Laundry should be used with caution in bleaching detergents, especially bleaching powder (chlorine bleaching agent). If the temperature is not appropriate, the concentration is too high, too much residue after washing, etc. will cause the towel to change color or even appear small holes. 3. The towel is stained with corrosive chemicals. Some of the various cleaning products used in the hotel are corrosive, especially some strong acid cleaners have a great impact on cotton fabrics. If the waiter collects or cleans the room, the cotton fabrics are accidentally stained with these detergents If it is not cleaned immediately, the towel will be partially damaged and the fastness will be poor. 4. Misuse of detergent. The cleaning agents in the laundry room are all chemical products, which require certain knowledge and responsibility and correct use. Otherwise, there may be mistakes in the mixing of the washing products, or even the wrong feeding, which will also cause this result. Second, the damage caused by machines and humans: 1. There are burrs on the drum of the washing machine or some parts are not smooth. It is very likely that the towel will be scratched or worn during the washing process, which is manifested as yarn drawing and yarn following. 2. The sorting work before washing is not serious, and some sharp or hard debris is mixed in it, causing damage during washing. 3. When loading or leaving the machine before and after washing, use excessive force or puncture or hook with sharp objects. 4. Distribute poorly during washing and dehydration or take too long time for high dewatering, mechanical force leads to breakage, or the washing time is too short, the number of times is low, the washing residue or the washing procedure is defective, the residual alkali and residual chlorine are not neutralized . 5. The quality and storage environment of hotel towels. The cotton fabric must be stored away from moisture, the warehouse should be well ventilated, and the edges of the shelf should be smooth, etc. At the same time, the towel warehouse should be protected from insects and rats. The above is the reason why the towel is broken for everyone. You can try to avoid the above situation. The next article summarizes how the hotel towel can extend the life. I hope it will help everyone!
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