Towel anti-fading method

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-13
1 Pickling method. Edible vinegar is mainly for brightly colored cotton towels such as red or purple. The method is to add some ordinary vinegar to the towel washing water for a while before washing the towel! But the amount of vinegar cannot be too much, otherwise it is easy to dye the light-colored towel. If you can do this regularly, you can ensure that the color of the towel is as clean as new! 2 toilet water cleaning method. The method is to wash the towels according to the conventional method. After rinsing the towels, add a few drops of toilet water into the clear water, and then soak the cleaned towels in such water for ten minutes. The clothes washed in this way can also play the role of disinfection and sterilization and remove sweat smell. 3 Anti-fading saline immersion method. Requires raw materials: table salt. This trick is best for dealing with the discoloration of towels and clothes. In order to prevent the fading of newly purchased towels, you should soak them in concentrated brine for half an hour before the first launch, and then wash them in the usual way. If there is still a slight discoloration, you can soak it in light saline for ten minutes before each water wash. If you persist for a long time, the clothes will never fade!
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