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by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-17
Many hotels reflect that hotel towels, bath towels, and bed linen are frequently damaged during the washing process. I wonder if you also have such troubles? At first, many customers responded to this situation with us. They thought that there were quality problems in our towel manufacturers' products. In fact, there are other reasons for such problems. Our hotel towel supplier found our professional washing master to ask this question. Get to know it! 1. Due to the long washing time, the towel fibers are damaged and the towel is damaged When the towel is washed in the washing machine, it rolls up and down most of the time, resulting in rubbing and rubbing movements. This kind of rubbing and rubbing movement is an important factor for washing towels, because dirty towels cannot be washed only by being immersed in the washing liquid. With the fiber, the fastness of the towel is reduced. Therefore, controlling the reasonable washing time can reduce unnecessary wear and tear, thereby ensuring the normal washing life of towels. 2. The towel is damaged due to the excessively high speed of dehydration during dehydration The speed of partial automatic elution machine is too fast, the speed of the dehydrator is too high, and the excessive centrifugal force makes the cotton fiber of the towel loose, just like the excessive force when we dry the towel by hand, the woven structure is loose, which causes the towel The middle part or the whole is loose and damaged, and normal damage generally starts from the side. Third, the towel is damaged due to the high temperature and the long time during drying Some dryers have a cold wind that will cause the towels to dry excessively. Because the wet strength of cotton fiber is higher than the dry strength, over-drying will cause a decrease in the fastness of the towel. The spinning workshop of the textile factory has very high requirements for air humidity control. The air is slightly dry and the yarn begins to break. At this time, the spinning worker is busy disconnecting the head, which affects normal production. If the towel is overheated, the fiber will become brittle, and the fastness of the towel will obviously decrease. 4. Towel damage caused by chemical residues The water is not clear during the washing process, and the chemicals are formed in the fibers of the towel. Although the washing chemicals are safe for the cotton fibers during the washing process and will not damage the fibers of the towels, the over-clear water will cause the alkaline detergent to remain in the fibers of the towels. Hard and soft. As we all know, the actual use of towels and tablecloths and sheets is completely different. Tablecloths and sheets are used in static conditions, while towels are used in dynamic conditions. Frequent kneading and twisting require towels to be soft. Hardening of the towel for any reason may reduce the fastness of the towel. Although so many external factors will cause the towel to break, in order to avoid these external factors, the premise is that we still have to choose a good hotel towel is the most critical, but also a necessary condition for upgrading the grade.
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