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by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-12
Some media have revealed that the hotel uses small towels or bath towels instead of rags. After cleaning the toilet stains, wipe the tea cups, hang them in the hotel bathroom after cleaning, for guests to wipe their faces, wrap their bodies ... and many other 'uses.' Hygienic hotel rooms are dirty, it is conceivable, what would happen to a relatively cheap hotel. Some media have exposed the health problems of express hotels, and disclosed the existence of bad phenomena such as washing face towels and toilets, and towels and teacups that have been wiped off the ground, which is almost a hidden rule in the current hotel industry. There is no unified standardization of how to use rags in hotels. This is true in theory, but even if a standard is introduced, it is still doubtful whether the hotel can standardize the implementation under the 'energy-saving and consumption-reducing' thinking. It is unrealistic to rely on the media to 'undercover' exposure one by one. We can only rely on our hotel to strictly demand ourselves and give consumers a safe and hygienic hotel towel. The following hotel towel manufacturers share some knowledge about towel washing and care for your reference. The hotel is properly washed with a small towel: 1. Wash the dark towel and light color separately, 2. Avoid washing the towels together with clothes containing zippers, hooks or buttons. These items will damage the towel loops. 3. Do not wash the towel and clothing together, the terry fabric will wrap the thin and soft fabric clothing inside, 4. The number of washing times affects the usage time of towels. The fewer washing times, the longer the towel usage time. 5. If the damp towel is left for too long or cannot be dried for a long time, it will breed mold and other bacteria. After drying the mildewed towel, the fiber will be brittle and quickly broken. Common knowledge and nursing skills for washing small towels in hotels Avoid overheating of hotel towels when washing towels: When washing cotton towels, avoid overheating and drying for a long time. When drying, the tumble drying inside the machine can make the cotton towel more fluffy and soft, but the hanging drying can not get this effect. Do not pour the detergent directly onto the towel with a small towel for the hotel: use a small amount of detergent to make the towel softer. Avoid pouring detergent directly onto the towel, otherwise detergent residues will cause the towel to harden and minimize chlorine-containing bleach.
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