How to judge whether the hotel towels are made

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-13
Cotton is pure natural fiber, soft and comfortable, good moisture absorption and breathability, and does not irritate the skin, not static electricity, is people's favorite, but also an inevitable choice for baby clothes, bathroom and bedding. Due to the higher cost of high-quality pure cotton than various man-made chemical fibers, some unscrupulous merchants will label “100% pure cotton” on lower grade blended or even all-chemical fiber textiles. Don't think that ordinary consumers can't apply 'counterfeit cotton'. How can a hotel use a small towel to determine whether it is pure cotton? Professional towel manufacturers teach you three simple tricks, and the 'fake cotton' will immediately disappear. One: The hotel uses a small towel to distinguish whether it is pure cotton material Pure cotton towels feel natural and soft, full and thick, with astringency and muscularity, and can be pulled in a small range, and the recovery speed after pulling is slow; while the chemical fiber fabrics are soft in hand, slippery, and have a large stretch , It will spring back to its original shape when you let go. In addition, due to the toughness and weak elasticity of cotton yarn, the recovery time of cotton clothes will be slightly longer after wrinkling. When judging cotton, you can fold the fabric in half and then use your nails to scrape along the edge. After opening, the scratches are more obvious It proves that the higher the cotton content, the purified fiber fabric will not leave scratches. Two: The hotel uses a small towel to distinguish whether it is pure cotton material Method 2-'Fire Eyes' Except for the mercerized cotton treated with caustic soda, the pure cotton fabric has no obvious luster, and the color is naturally soft. When the fabric is naturally placed, the drape feels natural, and there is little 'reflective' phenomenon. When buying, you can flatten the fabric and add some tension. Then face the light source at a 45-degree angle from the body to the light source. If bright light flashes, then this must be a high-content chemical fiber. In addition, due to the addition of fluorescent whitening agent, the white fabric of chemical fiber will be whiter than that of pure cotton fabric, and may even have a dazzling feeling. Three: The hotel uses a small towel to distinguish whether it is pure cotton material Method three ----- 'Sanmei true fire' From a professional point of view, the best way is to use 'Sanmei Zhenhuo' to practice: a small piece of yarn is drawn from the seam of the towel to conduct a fire test, and the real natural cotton fiber will not melt when it burns. Instead, it will produce a natural yellow flame like paper, and at the same time produce the smell of burning paper. After burning, it will produce an off-white ash that can be crushed; while the chemical fiber will melt and drip when burned, and there will be black smoke and burning rubber smell , Burning will form black hard spots. Of course, this inspection method is unsafe and unrealistic for the average consumer, so usually pay more attention to information and knowledge about pure cotton and textiles, and select real cotton hotel towels.
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