How often do towels change? Over 60% of consumers

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-18
A survey report from the China Home Textile Industry Association shows that there are serious misunderstandings in the use of towels by consumers in China, and about 65% of consumers do not know the correct use of towels. How often do towels change? In this regard, the Consumer Association of Heilongjiang Province reminds people to change the consumption habits of 'one towel commonly used', 'one towel multiple usage' and 'non-breaking and not changing' to avoid laying hidden dangers to physical health. According to reports, long-term use of towels can easily breed bacteria and fungi, which can easily lead to various cross infections, which can cause diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, otitis media, oral cavity and wound infections, and can cause skin spots and acne. People with low immunity are more likely to cause a variety of diseases. The person in charge of the Consumer Guidance Department of the Consumer Association of Heilongjiang Province said that towels should be used exclusively for dedicated persons and dedicated towels. Do not use multiple towels. Family members cannot use the same towel. In particular, towels should be used dry, and the habit of frequent washing and drying should be developed. Use neutral detergent when washing towels to ensure the softness of the towels. In addition, the renewal period of towels is best controlled at about 3 months. If the period expires, the quality of towels will change, which not only damages health, but also becomes a new source of pollution. If it cannot be updated regularly, the towel needs to be disinfected and sterilized before it can be properly used.
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