Hotel towels are not clean? Not washed? The reason

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-20
At present, the cleaning of hotel towel linen is usually done by the laundry room or social laundry factory of the hotel or hotel. If you do not pay attention to the way of washing during the cleaning process, it will directly affect the washing effect, which will reduce the hotel towel linen Quality, it will be difficult to satisfy customers. Therefore, we need to understand the factors that affect the washing of hotel towels and linens, so as to carry out more reasonable washing. The following small editor focuses on the main factors that affect the washing. 1. The influence of temperature and time Different towels have different requirements on the washing temperature. Sometimes high temperature is beneficial to washing, such as chlorine bleaching, oxygen bleaching, etc., must be at 70 ℃ -80 ℃ to exert the best effect, and the dirt on the fabric is also easier to remove at high temperature (70 ℃ -85 ℃) . However, some dirt will directly affect the quality of the linen when it encounters high temperature. For example, blood stains will be denatured when exposed to high temperature, but it is not good for cleaning. Therefore, the washing temperature should be determined according to the object to be washed. The principle is that it is better not to use a high temperature if a low temperature can be used. ? 2. The effect of washed towel cloth straw fabric The first step in the linen (especially tablecloth) that is sent to the laundry room is to shake off the food residue and garbage, and the shaken linen should not be stacked together. The loose linen is sent to the washing machine. Easy to wash. ? 3. Misunderstanding of washing A good washing machine, good water quality and appropriate temperature, high-quality series of detergents, and correct operating procedures are necessary conditions to ensure the quality of linen washing. However, it should be emphasized here that although the laundry room has all these necessary conditions, some dirt cannot be removed. Such as carbon black, paint, old mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil, mildew spots and other dirt on the linen is difficult to remove or although removed, but the effect is not ideal. Therefore, these dirts can only be removed relatively, and washing is only relative, not omnipotent. ? 4. Diversity of dirt Although the staining in certain areas has its regularity, for example, the dirt on the pillowcase is mainly sebum and sweat stains; the chef's work clothes mainly include animal and vegetable oils. But the lipstick stains that appear on the hotel linens of pillowcases from time to time, and the common sole prints on the floor towels may be true stubborn dirt. ? 5. Instability of water quality The most obvious factor affecting the washing effect is water quality, which mainly refers to the effect of water hardness and iron, and defects on heating equipment (rust caused by steam heating). ? 6. Unreasonable operation Without reasonable classification (treatment), the excessive loading of hotel linens prevents the mechanical effect from being performed due to the user's restrictions on detergent costs, dosage restrictions or improper quality; environmental protection considerations, such as phosphorus Limitations of additives, etc.
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