Hotel towel suppliers teach you to accurately

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-16
The hotel towel supplier teaches you to buy hotel towels correctly, so that you can get rid of worrying about the poor quality of hotel towels? Worried about unsafe hotel towels? Worried about hotel towels falling out? I'm worried that the hotel towels don't match the style of the hotel. A good hotel towel makes the guests not only comfortable and intimate, but also very relaxed. This is especially true for our hotel. Customers who go out want to relax in the shower and get rid of their fatigue. And our purchasing staff need a pair of smart eyes when purchasing bath towels, but also need to know some related professional knowledge. Now I will introduce to you some of the best ways to buy hotel towels and bath towels that I usually use. 1. First look at the price and the weight As the saying goes, first-class prices and first-class goods, especially when cotton prices are particularly high, towels that are much lower than the market price must be inferior towels and have a gram weight. Manufacturers are cutting corners to reduce costs. 2. Whether the texture is pure cotton We can judge from the raw materials of hotel towels that good towel manufacturers use refined first-class cotton, so that the towels are durable, high in pure whiteness, good in feel, bright in color and good in water absorption. 3. Towels that feel comfortable are good towels There are more and more products with ethnic characteristics on the market, and towels are no exception. But are these colorful printed and dyed towels safe? Is it harmful to the human body? Our hotels generally buy plain towels. This kind of towels are rarely used in printing and dyeing. The towels with ethnic patterns are mostly printed and dyed. When purchasing, try to buy them from large manufacturers. Environmentally friendly, rarely harmful additives are used. 4. Look at the edge We need to pay attention to the details of towel making. A good towel always has superior characteristics. Then we only need to pay attention to whether the edge of the towel is neat and clean, and the combination of its sign and towel is hidden Whether the details are fine and so on, don't underestimate these small details, the towels with fine workmanship will be more durable. Hotel towel supply 5. Not heavier is better Unlike what everyone thinks, towels are not thicker and more durable. The thicker towels are not only heavy after wet water, but also have a major disadvantage is that it is not easy to dry in the hotel. The fabric is thick, but the 'weight' is lighter. Towels are good towels worth purchasing. 6. Finally, we need to pay attention to the color when purchasing, the simpler the color, the better The pattern is relatively clear and full, with obvious layers, strong touch, soft and soft, as rich as the beauty of nature: weaving, satin files, spirals, cut velvet, no twist, jacquard and other processes can be woven into beautiful patterns to People see a particularly comfortable feeling.
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