Hotel supplies manufacturers recommend washing

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-10
Healthy living stems from good habits. Some hotel and hotel purchasing friends will find that my newly purchased towels will not be used for a long time. Mysterious spots appear on the towels. Hotel supplies manufacturers recommend that hotel towels be washed like this. So what should be the best way to clean hotel towels? 1. First, we have to choose cotton hotel towels, and then follow the washing and care instructions given by our towel manufacturer. 2. Avoid overheating when washing hotel towels. During the washing process, the temperature acts as a catalyst. As the temperature increases, the dissolution of the detergent is accelerated, the movement of the active molecules is accelerated, the penetration force is strengthened, and the decontamination ability is improved. The establishment of the washing temperature is related to the texture of the washing fabric, the color fastness, the type of dirt, and the use temperature of the detergent. 3. Choose a mild detergent. Avoid pouring detergent directly onto the towel, otherwise the towel will become discolored if leftover from the detergent residue. Use chlorine bleach as little as possible. 4. Do not use softener frequently. After using the fabric softener containing silicone resin, a layer of silicone oil will remain, which affects the water absorption of the towel. It is recommended to avoid it. 5. There are two types of hotel towels: dry and wet. Whether the hotel towel is dry-cleaned or wet-washed, it will wipe the oil, sweat, inorganic salts and dust in the air onto the towel. For a long time, the towel will be hardened, reducing its hygroscopic function and contaminated with bacteria and mold. Therefore, the wiped towels should be replaced, cleaned and disinfected immediately. The above is the towel cleaning method summarized by everyone, I hope it can help you!
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