Children in kindergarten use several children

by:Ruifu Qifeng     2020-05-19
Among them, some are used to wipe hands, some are used to wipe the face, some are used to wipe sweat, and others are used to absorb sweat on the back of the child during exercise. These small towels are dry and wet, cold and hot, but all the pieces are folded neatly and placed on a beautiful little basket, small tray or small shelf, which is pleasing to the eye. Moreover, the children's towels in kindergartens are 'one towel only'. This means that the small towels must be cleaned after being used once, and then sterilized with steam after washing, and dried in the sun to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the children ’s towels. (Is it much more hygienic than a five-star hotel?) Open the 'Guide to Learning and Development for Children Aged 3 to 6' (this is the desk book for kindergarten teachers), which contains specific requirements for cultivating children's good living habits and living abilities, and even elaborate on the requirements for kindergartens to 'for children' Prepare separate towels and do n’t mess with others ’towels”. Therefore, in kindergartens, there are very specific and clear regulatory requirements for the use and management of small towels. Hand towel, back towel, face towel, sweat towel Kindergarten's cleaning work is also inseparable from towels, such as cleaning towels, cup towels, water towels, disinfection towels ... Thanks to the teachers and nurses in kindergarten, adhering to the 'all for children' concept, using every opportunity to create a lively environment, cultivate children's good personal hygiene, even a small towel is no exception.
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