beach towel series export destinations
Beach towel series has proven to have great export potential in the international market. It has unique and important features that are difficult to replicate. Through exports, Foshan Nanhai Ruifu Qifeng Towel Industrial Co.,Ltd gains benefits, expands customer networks and is exposed to new ideas and technologies.

Ruifu Qifeng Towel has grown into one of the most competitive manufacturers in China. We largely provide cotton bath towels and other product portfolios. According to the material, Ruifu Qifeng Towel's products are divided into several categories, and quick dry towels is one of them. Ruifu Qifeng big beach towels has gone through some important production stages. They cover the preparation of raw materials, parts machining, plating and anodizing, assembly, and testing. It is of light-weight design and occupies little space. Providing good customer service is just a matter of common sense in Ruifu Qifeng Towel. It has passed the water absorption test for its high water-absorbency.

We promote collaborative efforts through business cooperation in protecting the environment. We will conduct environmental impact assessments for each other, making sure all of our practices are in line with the environmental legislations.
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