Any further technical information about Ruifu Qifeng ?
Ruifu Qifeng adopts exceptionally innovative technology to produce Ruifu Qifeng . Advanced and contemporary technology means more complicated operations on machines and assembly lines which are equally adopted to create the finest-quality products. We're armed with professional engineers that are experienced in developing and producing the goods for several years.

Foshan Nanhai Ruifu Qifeng Towel Industrial Co.,Ltd is an all-round company involving the design, production, and marketing of swimming towel quick dry. We provide a wide range of product portfolio. According to the material, Ruifu Qifeng Towel's products are divided into several categories, and bath towel is one of them. Various parameters of Ruifu Qifeng big beach towels meet international cabinets quality standards. It has passed the tests and is guaranteed to free of formaldehyde and heavy metals. It has passed the water absorption test for its high water-absorbency. The product features a rugged construction. Made of heavy-duty metals, it is able to withstand various kinds of elements such as shocks and vibration. The skin-friendly surface allows users to experience next-level comfort.

We are active in business sustainable development. We will uphold business ethics throughout our production, such as reducing water consumption by recycling reusable water.
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